Fabulous naildesigns for you – The lines

I usually lie in bed, just before I go to sleep and look around on different pages. And sometimes I find things that I feel I need to blog about. Here’s a design for your nails if you‘re hungry for something new! I like to look at different designs and patterns on nails but I’ve never been a real fan of nail polish. Usually when I paint my nails so slitar I remove the nail polish after some hour so then there is no point for me to even think about learning how to paint. But watching is always fun!

You need 4 colors of nail polish, dental floss holder and a piece of wax paper.
Do this:
1) Paint the nail with a color you prefer.
2) Apply a generous drop of nail polish on a piece of wax paper.
3) Dab wire in nail polish and / swinging / pulling of the nail to create lines.
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 with a different color.
5) Apply a topcoat.

Good luck and i hope you enjoy the results :)

Sunset – 20151102

I forgot to show you the beautiful sunset we had last night. I was sitting in the couch and looked out. Took my cellphone, just because my camera is lying at my place and ran out on my mom’s balcony and took photos. Offcourse my nephew called, who has found the love of photography and said “Emma! HURRY AND GO GET YOUR CAMERA! LOOK AT THE SKY!” a little bit funny. But I knew that I wouldn’t make it home with my lungs to get the camera so my mobile was enough :)

Ikea Shopping, Ocotober 2015

Ok i promised you guys to post the same things as I posted on my swedish blog. Just an hour between but here it comes :)

I put together a small “collage” or what to call it, with the little things I bought, and all I remember when I, my sister and mom were at IKEA. There is still a lot of things missing to bring order in my apartment but but I will a little bit on the way with this. Kallax shelf, I bought for 995SEK and a few weeks before, I had bought an identical on Facebook for 250SEK. How crazy is that? So now, in the living room, there will be two shelves x 16 compartments. By Lekman boxes I bought white and a total of four. Lights “Sinnlig” I bought five, I think. I burn candles so it stands out through my ears. I always have candles lit every evening. Though I sit in front of the TV and watching. Must have light running or else I’ll go crazy. And besides, they’re orange, which I buy all the time smelling so amazingly good! They smell Orange. Admittedly, I hate scented candles just because I get such an unbelievable headache of them but these actually goes well :)

The Spiceshelfs, I’ll do a little expriment with. First, they will be painted and cleaned up before they go up on the wall. Exciting exciting! Little diy feeling all over it. Love that!

I also bought some hooks, steel pipe “hanger” I’ll put up the kitchen to remove things from countertops and sink. Will show the picture of the whole thing later when everything is ready! It scratched fingers to be able to continue to do in order but can not, because I have no energy, thanks to pneumonia!

Ikea with my family

Lunch and dessert. However, I do not dried whole and chokladpuddingen I was eager to try it but it was the most disgusting I have ever experiencedso bad it tasted!

For a few weeks ago as I was, my sister and mother to Sundsvall to go to IKEA. Or rather, I would shop for furniture and accessories to the apartment so they had to come with me. Haha! But I forgot to post it in my blog {iheartyoudarling.blogg.se} so I put this up now. Hopefully in the future I will remember to put out the same day.

Obviously we went elsewhere too and not just Ikea. I will shoot things later when I received the order in the apartment and when I got well of course. It looks like a bombshell in my apartment for the moment because I was trying to get out of order but I became really ill. Sigh!

Halloween 2015


Celebrateing Halloween isn’t that common in Sweden. Sure the adults dress up in costumes and party all night long but the kids dresses up and go and go trick or treating. I have seen that in AAmerica, the kids tend to throw eggs and toilettpaper etc as a trick but in Sweden that tradition hasn’t come yet. At least not where I live. On the photo you can see how I did a small amount of makeup on my nephew. A walking zombieskull. His choice. And the girls is my nieces and their friend. I did not do their makeup. 

NOTE: I’ve decided to stay here on wordpress but I have a blog on the swedish platform where I’ll be posting the same stuff but on swedish :)

moveMove my blog? Move my blog to a swedish platform but keep WRITING on english? Yes? No? How? Why? When?
(Sorry for the wrong spelling on the photo.)

Well, I’m thinking. I have been sitting here on my laptop for a while and search for the perfect theme to fit me and my blog but to be honest,  wordpress is a little bit boring. I know i know, I just returned to the blog and site and already is about to give up? No iam not gonna give up on my blog. I’m just thinking of moving my blog to a swedish platform where I can create designs and make the blog more personal. To make it more fun. I mean, seriously, how fun does my blog look like right now? So boring. Remember when I asked you guys why I can’t change the theme to a theme that I’ve downloaded? Well, I didn’t know that I had to be a premium memeber on WP to get that feature. To be able to do that. My bestfriend told me that just a minute ago. And when I read the text from her, I felt like I was bloging on wordpress for no reason. I mean, you can’t create and make your blog personal? You must use the free themes that wordpress has uploaded on their page? Ah, no fun! SOO I’m thinking and thinking and wondering, and wondering and wow. My head is about to turn around 365 degrees. Lol! I will let you guys know IF i move and if WHEN. But I’m slightly concidering moving my blog. And I hope that you guys decide to follow my blog there. But like I said, I’m not sure yet.

Becoming more personal

I thought its about time that my blog becomes more me. So trying to find my personal style mixed with dreams, hope and a fabulous stuff in my blog sounds good in my head. And hopefully you guys agree with me. So I will update A LOT via my mobile with photos I’ve taken, photos I’ve saved on my phone etc. I hope that you guys understand what I’m writing here. My head is a little bit slow because I have high fever.

So from now on my blog will all about diys, hot topics that are close to my heart and some random stuff – which I also post on my Facebook page such as what my cravings are, what I’m doing. Just a lifestyle blog with a mix of fabulous things :)

Like this post if it sounds good and comment if you want me to post something. I would be happy to share your post ❤

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤

Not being so active

Hey guys, the reason why I haven’t been so active on my blog for a while is because I lost the internet for some weird reason but now iam back – even with doubleside pneumonia. Thank you everyone for sticking around and continue to visit my blog.

The only thing that’s bothering me right now, is the design. It’s so boring and I wish I could change it and make it more personal. Anyone know how? Please let me know.

Kisses! and thank you!

Is it time for a new location?

Every girl dreams of meeting the right guy. But we also dream of what to become when we grow up. Some girls dreams of becoming a nurse, lawyer, singer, popstar etc. When I was growing up, I dreamt to become an actress. But when I grew older, I discovered that acting wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I found my passion for photography. But what if someone don’t find their passion? What if a girl never figure out what she wanna become when she grows up? Every little girl in this world, wearing cute dresses and Barbie dolls dream of one thing, every girl dreams of it – to have a family. Maybe not in young age as five but we all have seen Disneys movies with the princesses such as Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, snow white and all the others. We all have dreamt of the Prince Charming, riding on a white great horse.

In the town where I live, people are so judgemental. Being a big girl with extra kilo on their body is hard. Not only to find the perfect dress but to find someone who would love you. In my town, there is two types of men – a man who is laughing straight to your face and a man who is eyeing you up and down while saying crap to their friends and the whole group starts to laugh at you. While watching the whole DVD collection of Sex and the City, I realised, its not the big girls who has the problems but the guys. But I know, out there is a man or a woman for everyone. But why are the men who likes a little bit bigger girls so rare to find? Is it time for a change? To meet new people, open up to find the true love that might exist. Who knows.


Why is the girls with extra weight on there body getting criticized for how God created there body? All over the net, you see so much hate and rarely love. I was on Facebook just a few moments ago and saw a guy shared a videoclip of a girl and a guy having fun on the playground. Sure this lady was a bit bigger than the guy. And they had so much fun playing on a thing that I don’t know the name of on english nor Swedish. And it turned around and the bigger girl fell onto the ground and bam! The guy flew off of it. And the tackiest part is, that someone has edited it so the guy flew out to the outer space and when I checked the comments, they all laugh and thought it was funny.. I asked myself, why is the guys laughing to the girl who fell off? So I asked the guy who had share it. No response. But an other guy INSTANTLY started to critize me for my question. I mean, aren’t we allowed to ask questions when we wanna know the answer?

Why is this world so black and white? Why is the fact that if you have extra weight on your body, you get judged and critized? Why can’t people just accept the fact that there is two types of people in this world? One type who has no extra weight and the other type who has some extra on their body?


I know that I have written a post about weight and acceptance of bigger men and girls. But this is who iam. I have an opinion and I wanna share. I also wanna hear your opinions so please, ignore the fact of the misspellings and wrong grammar and join me for an discussion.. Is this really ok?

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤

Are we gonna accept this?

Every minute, every hour, everyday, people are criticising how people look. The reason why I’m writing this, with bad grammar and spelling I know, is the fact that I’m tired of reading shamings on the internet. EVERYDAY I see and hear people being rude and mean to someone with extra fluff on their body. Everyday, I see how much H&M and other fashion stores get shit for having plus sized women and men on their campaigns and advertisement. Come on people, its 2015 for god sakes. Embrace the full figured ladies and men. Embrace their confidence to stand in front of the camera. Embrace them for being themselves. Why is people so obsessed with being skinny? Why can’t people just stop with their negativity and embrace the people instead?

For 20+ years, I have heard EVERYTHING there is to say about fat and big people. And still people continue to use the word fat, ugly etc. And people thinks that being fat is the persons fault. No sweetie, being “Fat” can be on so many reasons. You don’t have to eat to get fat. You don’t have to just sit on your booty to be fat. The people today just think that people with extra fat on their bodies, eats only junkfood and being lazy. Well, I’m fat and I don’t eat junk food and I’m not being lazy. Because you know what, you can get fat from medicines, hormones, genetics and so much more.

Just because some people have some extra meat on their bodies doesn’t mean that they can’t be healthy. Yes they are. Some peoples test results are much better than a people with low weight.

Being fat is hard. You get to be called one word after an other. You have hard time finding clothes in store. You always look around to see if people are looking, laughing and pointing at you. Why can’t people just accept the way God created humans? Why can’t people accept that there is full figured ladies and men? Why do people feel the need to comment and say hurtful stuff about other people’s looks, body etc?

People with low weight thinks that writing mean and rude comments or say them to people with extra weight’s face will help them motivate to loose their weight. No honey, you only hurt their feelings, and you might make people depressed. I know some people with extra meat (wow that’s so many times I’ve written that so I’m gonna call them “Fluffs” – much cutier), including myself, gets called fat, porky, mountain etc everyday. Some people can shake it off but some people can’t. Before I learned how to make the words go thru my ears and shaking them off, I was so depressed. To have to hear the words over and over again, can really tare the confidence to the ground. To the middle of the earth. I got so depressed that I wanted to end my life. But I got help with my depression and I’m forever thankful for that. Because today I’m an aunt for some amazing and wonderful kids.

I know this post might sound so weird. Sound so strange and you might have seen misspellings and bad grammar. But I really hope that you guys understand this post and maybe share it with your friends and family. Because from today, we big people is taking back the word “FAT”. From today it won’t be a negative word. From today the word FAT will be a word that we will smile to and it will raise our confidence. Because the word FAT will from now on mean • Fabulous And Tasty •

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤