Are we gonna accept this?

Every minute, every hour, everyday, people are criticising how people look. The reason why I’m writing this, with bad grammar and spelling I know, is the fact that I’m tired of reading shamings on the internet. EVERYDAY I see and hear people being rude and mean to someone with extra fluff on their body. Everyday, I see how much H&M and other fashion stores get shit for having plus sized women and men on their campaigns and advertisement. Come on people, its 2015 for god sakes. Embrace the full figured ladies and men. Embrace their confidence to stand in front of the camera. Embrace them for being themselves. Why is people so obsessed with being skinny? Why can’t people just stop with their negativity and embrace the people instead?

For 20+ years, I have heard EVERYTHING there is to say about fat and big people. And still people continue to use the word fat, ugly etc. And people thinks that being fat is the persons fault. No sweetie, being “Fat” can be on so many reasons. You don’t have to eat to get fat. You don’t have to just sit on your booty to be fat. The people today just think that people with extra fat on their bodies, eats only junkfood and being lazy. Well, I’m fat and I don’t eat junk food and I’m not being lazy. Because you know what, you can get fat from medicines, hormones, genetics and so much more.

Just because some people have some extra meat on their bodies doesn’t mean that they can’t be healthy. Yes they are. Some peoples test results are much better than a people with low weight.

Being fat is hard. You get to be called one word after an other. You have hard time finding clothes in store. You always look around to see if people are looking, laughing and pointing at you. Why can’t people just accept the way God created humans? Why can’t people accept that there is full figured ladies and men? Why do people feel the need to comment and say hurtful stuff about other people’s looks, body etc?

People with low weight thinks that writing mean and rude comments or say them to people with extra weight’s face will help them motivate to loose their weight. No honey, you only hurt their feelings, and you might make people depressed. I know some people with extra meat (wow that’s so many times I’ve written that so I’m gonna call them “Fluffs” – much cutier), including myself, gets called fat, porky, mountain etc everyday. Some people can shake it off but some people can’t. Before I learned how to make the words go thru my ears and shaking them off, I was so depressed. To have to hear the words over and over again, can really tare the confidence to the ground. To the middle of the earth. I got so depressed that I wanted to end my life. But I got help with my depression and I’m forever thankful for that. Because today I’m an aunt for some amazing and wonderful kids.

I know this post might sound so weird. Sound so strange and you might have seen misspellings and bad grammar. But I really hope that you guys understand this post and maybe share it with your friends and family. Because from today, we big people is taking back the word “FAT”. From today it won’t be a negative word. From today the word FAT will be a word that we will smile to and it will raise our confidence. Because the word FAT will from now on mean • Fabulous And Tasty •

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤


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