Already started to plan the look

My last post I told you guys some pretty awesome news – my brother is building me a craftcorner. Woop! I’ve already (started yesterday) started planning how it will look like. I know the design of the corner but all the details – storage stuff, pens, pencils, etc etc you name it! And in this post I’ll post the very first part off everything I’m planning! With that written, let me show you some of the storage stuff I’ll buy on my next trip to IKEA.

The links under the photo is to the swedish website of Ikea, just so you all know :)

Total valute of all these 7 things are (Swedish Crowns – USDollar – Euro)
499SEK – 55$ – 51€

next trip


Rebuilding my livingroom

Oh I’m so excited!! My brother is a very handy man. He builds his entire house from scratch when he bought it after a fire so the shell off the house remained. I’ve been talking to my brother about building a new livingroom.. well my craft corner so I have a lot of space to either sit on my laptop or make jewelry and other diy projects. After been talking a lot and designed my new corner, it’s official! This week, he and I will start build. Oh I am so excited! Happy happy! When the building is done, I’ll be able to show and post so much of diys etc. Oh I can’t wait! I can’t show you guys yet how the corner will look like but later I’ll.  It will all be one of a kind design!

xo Indiana