The Floral Planner is NOW for sale

The floral Planner is done! +20 pages to organize your life. I, myself have printed this out and it really works! I’m so glad I decided to make this because my life is easier now! (This planner has been done – almost – for a while, so I’ve printed out some pages!)

The planner contains
– Front page
– 3x A Glance over this month
– 4x quote pages
– 3x Grocery List
– Food pages
– To do list etc
– Weekly planner
– Password & log in
– Note page
and more (The photo is just a preview of the few things :) )

How to buy this; Email to with the headline “Buy Floral Planner”. Wait for my respond back with the email to use to transfer the money to (PAYPAL) and a special code (if it works). When I see the money on the account I will send you the planner as a rar file. So you can unpack the file and print it out. O N L Y    FOR     P E R S O N A L      U S E !



Cute cards for sale

1. Decide which card you want. 2. email me to indianajs {at} hotmail {dot} com with the headline “CARD {and the number}” and wait for my respond where you send the money to (PayPal, it is NOT this email). 3. When I see the money on my account I’ll send you the card so you can print it out to your email. Please Respect my rules and please, do NOT sell them to others and do NOT print out and give it to your friends/family members etc so they can give it to their friends. I’ve worked hard on these cards and I hope that you guys respect my work and me. MY TAGS MUST BE ON THE CARDS!