Halloween 2015


Celebrateing Halloween isn’t that common in Sweden. Sure the adults dress up in costumes and party all night long but the kids dresses up and go and go trick or treating. I have seen that in AAmerica, the kids tend to throw eggs and toilettpaper etc as a trick but in Sweden that tradition hasn’t come yet. At least not where I live. On the photo you can see how I did a small amount of makeup on my nephew. A walking zombieskull. His choice. And the girls is my nieces and their friend. I did not do their makeup. 

NOTE: I’ve decided to stay here on wordpress but I have a blog on the swedish platform where I’ll be posting the same stuff but on swedish :)

Following his auntie’s footsteps

Today I had a special day with my client who I work with. We went to a market and I called my sisters to come and go with us. And they did. My nephew fell in love with shooting arrows etc. And I said to my sister “Wanna do it again?” We did this sport a few years ago and we have been planning to do it again cuz we love it.




BUUUURRRRR!! So cold outside. April 30th, in Sweden we have a tradition called “Maj Brasa” (English translation; May Bonfire) and as a new tradition for me, I go there with my camera and take photos. This year, my wonderful sister came home from Norway (she lives there but have taken a short vacation from her work to come here) TODAY so she, my other big sister, my nieces and my nephew came down and watched it with me. It was so boring but I only went there to take photos. I just came home so the the photos I’ve taken with my camera is still on the memory card BUT I have 3 photos from the bonfire that I will show u down below. Taken with my cellphone.