Ikea Shopping, Ocotober 2015

Ok i promised you guys to post the same things as I posted on my swedish blog. Just an hour between but here it comes :)

I put together a small “collage” or what to call it, with the little things I bought, and all I remember when I, my sister and mom were at IKEA. There is still a lot of things missing to bring order in my apartment but but I will a little bit on the way with this. Kallax shelf, I bought for 995SEK and a few weeks before, I had bought an identical on Facebook for 250SEK. How crazy is that? So now, in the living room, there will be two shelves x 16 compartments. By Lekman boxes I bought white and a total of four. Lights “Sinnlig” I bought five, I think. I burn candles so it stands out through my ears. I always have candles lit every evening. Though I sit in front of the TV and watching. Must have light running or else I’ll go crazy. And besides, they’re orange, which I buy all the time smelling so amazingly good! They smell Orange. Admittedly, I hate scented candles just because I get such an unbelievable headache of them but these actually goes well :)

The Spiceshelfs, I’ll do a little expriment with. First, they will be painted and cleaned up before they go up on the wall. Exciting exciting! Little diy feeling all over it. Love that!

I also bought some hooks, steel pipe “hanger” I’ll put up the kitchen to remove things from countertops and sink. Will show the picture of the whole thing later when everything is ready! It scratched fingers to be able to continue to do in order but can not, because I have no energy, thanks to pneumonia!

Family day

Worse part of the day was seeing my father cry. He was not sad.. He was happy. It was tears of joy. My father is gonna be a grandpa again. But with my sister’s first born. I video recorded as I wrote earlier, when my sister told him the big news. Im not allowed to upload the video but I took a screenshot from the clip. My father ❤

// Family day alá J, S & B ( 2 of my sisters has the same surname/last name as I do. And two of my siblings has an other and the last sister has the same as my dad. Complicated? Oh yes. But I will explain that later :)

We went to the city to just tell my father the great news. But before that we went to IKEA and had dinner. Oh I love their food. Lol. The food on the pic looks like a lot but the truth is that I only could fit like.. Half of it. Lol. After we have eaten we went to the mall and I didn’t shop anything. I was not in the mood, I felt bad already then/than. But my sisters shopped. Fun! And later we went to pick up my father (that’s when my sis told him the news) and went to my older sister and told her the news. :)

When we came home, I went straight to bed and now iam sick. Lol yay! But I will try to post more than I have yesterday and today. Thank you xo


Velas Con Conchas (Candles with shells)

Iam totally in love with this diy! I mean candles and shells?! How amazing isn’t that? Two things I love, mixed together. Ok ok my heart, please slow down! Haha! There is one thing that’s holding me back from doing these diy candles is that in Sweden we don’t have these sized shells, just a small, super tiny shells and for me to do these I must wait till this summer. My sister, who lives in Norway, are engaged with J, who has scuba diving as hobby and they have massive shells and they are coming to visit us in Sweden. J (my sister’s fiance) has promised me to bring along many because they both know how much I love the sea, shells, mermaids and sailor life.

They would be perfect outside at nights when you wanna cozy it up under the stars with your loved ones and just relax. I can’t wait to do them ♥


Already started to plan the look

My last post I told you guys some pretty awesome news – my brother is building me a craftcorner. Woop! I’ve already (started yesterday) started planning how it will look like. I know the design of the corner but all the details – storage stuff, pens, pencils, etc etc you name it! And in this post I’ll post the very first part off everything I’m planning! With that written, let me show you some of the storage stuff I’ll buy on my next trip to IKEA.

The links under the photo is to the swedish website of Ikea, just so you all know :)

Total valute of all these 7 things are (Swedish Crowns – USDollar – Euro)
499SEK – 55$ – 51€

next trip