Who am I?

First off all, Welcome to my blog. My name is Emma but having Emma in a blogname is boring (well for me it is) so instead I’m using iheartyoudarling as a blogname. and I’m a girl who currently lives in Sweden, born and raised. I have many balls in the air when it comes to ideas and thinking. Not in a perverted way. This blog is my own place on the internet where I can post things that are close to my heart, things I love, photographies I’ve taken (I’m a graduated photographer), my ideas etc. I’m 25 years old and I love diys, shoes, makeup, bags, the color turqiouse, diamonds, glitter and alot more.

My dream is to have the life of Carrie Bradshaw mixed with Samantha Jones. What do I mean you might think, well I want Carries closet And sense for fashion but job as Samantha and dorky humor as her. Even tho I dont live in Manhattan nor big capital, I will make the best of it.

Here in my blog you will find tips and diys tutorials, see what projects am doing, follow me to reach for my dreams and dream work which is PR publishing and as a photographer on the national geographic magazine.

So I hope you decide to follow me and my little corner on the net and keep in touch :)

Xo Emma

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