Halloween 2015


Celebrateing Halloween isn’t that common in Sweden. Sure the adults dress up in costumes and party all night long but the kids dresses up and go and go trick or treating. I have seen that in AAmerica, the kids tend to throw eggs and toilettpaper etc as a trick but in Sweden that tradition hasn’t come yet. At least not where I live. On the photo you can see how I did a small amount of makeup on my nephew. A walking zombieskull. His choice. And the girls is my nieces and their friend. I did not do their makeup. 

NOTE: I’ve decided to stay here on wordpress but I have a blog on the swedish platform where I’ll be posting the same stuff but on swedish :)

Lately, I’ve been thinking…

… Off what type of person iam. I know iam a fun, loving, happy girl with creative sides. But I’ve been thinking lately about me and my style. I love the 50’s but also dark – kinda gothic and pretty. I’ve been looking on the internet to find a similiar style to me. But really, all I see is great styles and unique styles but it’s not really me. Do you sometimes have this problem? What to wear, how to have your makeup etc. I’ve it daily. My wardrobe is all black, my makeup is kinda brown / goldish and black. I never wear colors. Only with details. BUT how can i do a combination of gothic/50’s/Pretty/High Fashion? Well, dark clothes (gothic), Brown/black makeup (Pretty), 50’s (accessories) and nails/hair style/colors (H F) But really, that would look weird, so now I need your opinion. Can you help me?

Review / w7 & Max Factor

Hey guys! This time I will do a review of the makeup I ordered from a swedish website and I really like the small containers with the makeup and the sponge was really soft. I was like a kid at christmas when I got all the boxes. And I was eager to use the makeup! Alright, lets get to the review and the points!

w7 Camouflage Kit 
Points : ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
I really like the look of the conturing makeup. And I like the colors. I like the small, thin mirror inside. Good size to have it in the makeupbag or in your bag. The size makes it really easy to just take it out of the bag and check the makeup and fix what’s needed.
What’s – about it?
The “cream” is really hard and it’s really hard to work with. The colors wipes away when it’s used. It doesn’t work so well. The brush inside is hard and it really hurts when using it.
Would I recommend people to buy it?
Sorry but no. I wouldn’t. It’s waste of money. Well it doesn’t work for me.

w7 Go Concealer
Points: ❤ (Of 5)

What’s + about it?
Small and cute container. Easy to open.
What’s – about it?
The color, the not working concealer. It doesn’t really work and it looks so horrible on the skin.
Would I recommend people to buy it? No.

w7 Get Set Eye shadow base
Points: ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
Small and very easy to open.
What’s – about it?
everything. It says on the container that it would make the eyes pop out and make the shadow in better and stick better but no. It doesn’t. It makes the the shadow disappear very quickly.
Would I recommend people to buy it? No

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation, #40 Creamy Ivory
Points: ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
Good size of the container. Easy to press out the foundation
What’s – about it?
Everything. The site only had this color and I thought it would work on me but it didn’t. The color is really dark and the foundation is suppost to make the makeup even in the face but it doesn’t. The face turn into orange after a while. It looks good at first but later, oh no!
Would I recommend people to buy it? No

Max Factor X Eyeshadow shimmery white
Points: ❤ ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
The white shimmery content is really good and its very good to high light the parts of your face and have a shimmery glow. This might sound weird but it makes wonder! Haha! Small and petite container. Easy to open.
What’s – about it?
Its sad that it’s small and it was very expensive. The highlight powder is really loose at the brush and when it’s applied on the face it falls under the eyes so you have to put on more foundation powder.
Would I recommend people to buy it? Yes!

Eyebrow Tweezer
Points: (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
The lamp and that it has a very good grip on it. It’s really easy to switch the lamp on. One click and you do not need to hold the button.
What’s – about it?
The Pincette is horrible. The light do NOT light up the hair you are about to remove. The room you are in must be really dark for you to see it. The pincette’s “blade” is really bad. It do not grasps the hair that you want to remove and the “blade” is too rounded and no. I threw it into the trashcan after been trying for 15 minutes.
Would I recommend people to buy it? No!!

Please, be aware that this is MY review off my opinions! Also the makeup has been tasted on my face and my skin. If you wanna try these stuff, do it. Just remember that Iam NOT a professional makeup artist. I just love makeup :)

A piece of heaven have arrived!

the piece

My little piece of heaven have arrived! 8 little boxes arrived today in my mailbox. I’ve ordered more stuff than just makeup but I will not take photo of that now. It’s nothing dirty, just a little secret I am working on. I’m so excited like a child at christmas! I will use the makeup and make a review later. Have you tried anything of this? Let me know. Let’s share reviews :)

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Makeup Shaming..

I just gotta share this with you guys! As you all know, i am a make up – o -holic. Yes. I am addicted to Makeup. I can’t go anywhere without putting a little foundation, powder and a little eyeliner on. My best friend shared this videoclip on her facebook and I watched it ofcourse. The makeup artist / Beauty Vlogger Nikkie who has close to a 1,2 million subscribers on youtube, is tired of this so called “makeup shaming” and has now uploaded a video on her youtube channel named “The power of MAKEUP”. In the clip, she has recorded herself doing a half face make up – meaning, keeping half face natural and half face glammed. Yes, make up on the half face. Brilliant! But scary! Anyway, she shares her opinions and her skills on the makeup. In the clip Nikkie tells that people dont think that it is her when she shows her un-glammed face compared to how she looks like on photos with makeup on. In the meaning of the video is to show how much you can do by using makeup and how fun it is to put it on, which is the whole point! I think so :)

Makeup Shaming is a idiotic way to say about women who use makeup to impress anyone, for women who are insecure about them self or aren’t natural beautiful. This makes Nikkie to react. Makeup is about having fun and have the currage to try, not to impress the men or hide the insecureness.

Watch this video and tell me what you guys think. I give this lady a five star out of five. She’s amazing and she is really gorgeous. And I think that its a great way to respond to the haters out there who says that women use too much make up. I use makeup to feel pretty. Without my makeup I feel naked. I know how weird it sounds but that’s the easiest way to explain how I feel. But don’t get me wrong, I can go outside without having any makeup on :)