Sunset – 20151102

I forgot to show you the beautiful sunset we had last night. I was sitting in the couch and looked out. Took my cellphone, just because my camera is lying at my place and ran out on my mom’s balcony and took photos. Offcourse my nephew called, who has found the love of photography and said “Emma! HURRY AND GO GET YOUR CAMERA! LOOK AT THE SKY!” a little bit funny. But I knew that I wouldn’t make it home with my lungs to get the camera so my mobile was enough :)

Right now

Wow! The day has been grey and boring. I was laying(lying?) on mamas bed and she screamed “INDIANA COME AND SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS OUTSIDE NOW!”so I hurried myself up from bed and looked out thru the window and saw a double rainbow on the front and backside I saw this. So I had to run out and take photos. Yes.. My hobby has ruend me. Haha! Yes I’m aware that my grammar isn’t good :( image

NOTE; the photo is NOT photoshopped. I just wrote my name on the photo