Question of the day #1


Funny thing on my blog is that I have a section called “Question of the day” and on that I’ll ask a question (trying) everyday and let you answer it. Remember it’s for fun but please answer it honestly. I will also answer on the question in the same post but under the question. Remember, just for fun. Some questions can be serious, some funny and they are all random!

TODAY’S QUESTION; Celebrity date, which celebrity would you like to go on a date with? If you want you can explain why .

MY ANSWER; Female celebrity I would meet Britney Spears, why? I don’t really know, I’ve been a fan off her since forever. Male celebrity I would choose Jack Sparrow.. well 1, he’s hot 2. I love the movies 3. It’s Johnny Depp with eyeliner… do I need to say more? Haha