Ikea Shopping, Ocotober 2015

Ok i promised you guys to post the same things as I posted on my swedish blog. Just an hour between but here it comes :)

I put together a small “collage” or what to call it, with the little things I bought, and all I remember when I, my sister and mom were at IKEA. There is still a lot of things missing to bring order in my apartment but but I will a little bit on the way with this. Kallax shelf, I bought for 995SEK and a few weeks before, I had bought an identical on Facebook for 250SEK. How crazy is that? So now, in the living room, there will be two shelves x 16 compartments. By Lekman boxes I bought white and a total of four. Lights “Sinnlig” I bought five, I think. I burn candles so it stands out through my ears. I always have candles lit every evening. Though I sit in front of the TV and watching. Must have light running or else I’ll go crazy. And besides, they’re orange, which I buy all the time smelling so amazingly good! They smell Orange. Admittedly, I hate scented candles just because I get such an unbelievable headache of them but these actually goes well :)

The Spiceshelfs, I’ll do a little expriment with. First, they will be painted and cleaned up before they go up on the wall. Exciting exciting! Little diy feeling all over it. Love that!

I also bought some hooks, steel pipe “hanger” I’ll put up the kitchen to remove things from countertops and sink. Will show the picture of the whole thing later when everything is ready! It scratched fingers to be able to continue to do in order but can not, because I have no energy, thanks to pneumonia!

Becoming more personal

I thought its about time that my blog becomes more me. So trying to find my personal style mixed with dreams, hope and a fabulous stuff in my blog sounds good in my head. And hopefully you guys agree with me. So I will update A LOT via my mobile with photos I’ve taken, photos I’ve saved on my phone etc. I hope that you guys understand what I’m writing here. My head is a little bit slow because I have high fever.

So from now on my blog will all about diys, hot topics that are close to my heart and some random stuff – which I also post on my Facebook page such as what my cravings are, what I’m doing. Just a lifestyle blog with a mix of fabulous things :)

Like this post if it sounds good and comment if you want me to post something. I would be happy to share your post ❤

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤

DIY Solutions for everyday problems

Okay I love looking around the net for different solutions for the daily life. I mean, shower curtains hangers for hats, scarves and shirts. So clever! I stumbled across this photo (click it to get the bigger version of it) and I must say, I LOVE THIS IDEAS! It will help me now for real when I’ve done the laundry and the clothes will stop fall off the hangers. Wow! Do you have any clever solutions that you use for daily life? Tell me :)

Mason Jar / Bring the forest to you

What do you get if you use a Mason Jar, Polygamy clay, a candle and imagination? You will get this little cutie to coze up next to. If I was this creative and good with clay, I would totally make one of these! How cute wouldn’t this be to give your grand mother or aunties? Or maybe someone who likes being in the woods! Who knows!

Have fun angels and please, show me your work if you decide to do one of these ♥

Center piece

This little cutie is one of the projects I’ll be making when my craft corner is done. A beautiful center piece to have on the livingrooms table, wedding, kitchen table or where ever you wanna put it. I’ll probably make a few of these to have around my apartment.

You need; Styrofoam ball, plastic flowers (on this picture they use roses), glue, satin band and a candle light stake ( I dont know what calls on english so I used google translator)

I hope you guys have fun making these and remember, make them with your favorite flowers :)