Fabulous naildesigns for you – The lines

I usually lie in bed, just before I go to sleep and look around on different pages. And sometimes I find things that I feel I need to blog about. Here’s a design for your nails if you‘re hungry for something new! I like to look at different designs and patterns on nails but I’ve never been a real fan of nail polish. Usually when I paint my nails so slitar I remove the nail polish after some hour so then there is no point for me to even think about learning how to paint. But watching is always fun!

You need 4 colors of nail polish, dental floss holder and a piece of wax paper.
Do this:
1) Paint the nail with a color you prefer.
2) Apply a generous drop of nail polish on a piece of wax paper.
3) Dab wire in nail polish and / swinging / pulling of the nail to create lines.
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 with a different color.
5) Apply a topcoat.

Good luck and i hope you enjoy the results :)

Review / w7 & Max Factor

Hey guys! This time I will do a review of the makeup I ordered from a swedish website and I really like the small containers with the makeup and the sponge was really soft. I was like a kid at christmas when I got all the boxes. And I was eager to use the makeup! Alright, lets get to the review and the points!

w7 Camouflage Kit 
Points : ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
I really like the look of the conturing makeup. And I like the colors. I like the small, thin mirror inside. Good size to have it in the makeupbag or in your bag. The size makes it really easy to just take it out of the bag and check the makeup and fix what’s needed.
What’s – about it?
The “cream” is really hard and it’s really hard to work with. The colors wipes away when it’s used. It doesn’t work so well. The brush inside is hard and it really hurts when using it.
Would I recommend people to buy it?
Sorry but no. I wouldn’t. It’s waste of money. Well it doesn’t work for me.

w7 Go Concealer
Points: ❤ (Of 5)

What’s + about it?
Small and cute container. Easy to open.
What’s – about it?
The color, the not working concealer. It doesn’t really work and it looks so horrible on the skin.
Would I recommend people to buy it? No.

w7 Get Set Eye shadow base
Points: ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
Small and very easy to open.
What’s – about it?
everything. It says on the container that it would make the eyes pop out and make the shadow in better and stick better but no. It doesn’t. It makes the the shadow disappear very quickly.
Would I recommend people to buy it? No

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation, #40 Creamy Ivory
Points: ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
Good size of the container. Easy to press out the foundation
What’s – about it?
Everything. The site only had this color and I thought it would work on me but it didn’t. The color is really dark and the foundation is suppost to make the makeup even in the face but it doesn’t. The face turn into orange after a while. It looks good at first but later, oh no!
Would I recommend people to buy it? No

Max Factor X Eyeshadow shimmery white
Points: ❤ ❤ (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
The white shimmery content is really good and its very good to high light the parts of your face and have a shimmery glow. This might sound weird but it makes wonder! Haha! Small and petite container. Easy to open.
What’s – about it?
Its sad that it’s small and it was very expensive. The highlight powder is really loose at the brush and when it’s applied on the face it falls under the eyes so you have to put on more foundation powder.
Would I recommend people to buy it? Yes!

Eyebrow Tweezer
Points: (Of 5)
What’s + about it?
The lamp and that it has a very good grip on it. It’s really easy to switch the lamp on. One click and you do not need to hold the button.
What’s – about it?
The Pincette is horrible. The light do NOT light up the hair you are about to remove. The room you are in must be really dark for you to see it. The pincette’s “blade” is really bad. It do not grasps the hair that you want to remove and the “blade” is too rounded and no. I threw it into the trashcan after been trying for 15 minutes.
Would I recommend people to buy it? No!!

Please, be aware that this is MY review off my opinions! Also the makeup has been tasted on my face and my skin. If you wanna try these stuff, do it. Just remember that Iam NOT a professional makeup artist. I just love makeup :)

A piece of heaven have arrived!

the piece

My little piece of heaven have arrived! 8 little boxes arrived today in my mailbox. I’ve ordered more stuff than just makeup but I will not take photo of that now. It’s nothing dirty, just a little secret I am working on. I’m so excited like a child at christmas! I will use the makeup and make a review later. Have you tried anything of this? Let me know. Let’s share reviews :)

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Get to know #4

1. I’ve started to watch the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
2. I’ve thought my rabbit to run across the livingroom to its cage. All I need to say to him is “Go home” and when he is outside hes cage, all I need to say “Jump up” and “down” :)
3. One of my dreams is to be a fashion / shoes designer.
4. I make jewelry
5. An old lady came up to me when I was in the city and said that I looked like a white woman with liquorice hair. All i needed is white stripes and I had her fav. candy (Mint liquorice). Made my day! :)
6. I don’t like my hair colors. I don’t feel like it “fits” me you know.
7. I got an A+ in english A and an A in english B. in school and still my best friend complains about my spelling and grammar… Thanks..
9. I hate liquorice candy
10. I’m scared of bees, bumble bees and wasps (spelling?)

My new hair colors.

new hairs

As you might have read earlier I dyed my hair last night. TWO Colors. Not one but two! So crazy of me! Like the photo says, one side is black and one side is dark chocolate brown. But to be honest, I don’t feel good about it. Don’t misunderstand me, they colors are great! They are but I feel.. so weird and it doesn’t fit me as I thought it would. I’m gonna dye my hair all black but not now, or I will just leave it and get my original hair color again. We’ll see. But here is the picture I promised you guys :)

Comment and let me know what you think, would you ever do this ? :)

A question for you

Hello, First off all, I know I blog a lot but thats because I think it fun! And iam not going to apologize for that ;)

I have a question to you readers and I would love to receive your answer. So I hope you answer with a comment..

What would you like to see in my blog? If you want beauty tips, please comment what type, diys etc etc. You name it.  I would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes off your time and send me a comment with tips, ideas and minds. Thank you!