moveMove my blog? Move my blog to a swedish platform but keep WRITING on english? Yes? No? How? Why? When?
(Sorry for the wrong spelling on the photo.)

Well, I’m thinking. I have been sitting here on my laptop for a while and search for the perfect theme to fit me and my blog but to be honest,  wordpress is a little bit boring. I know i know, I just returned to the blog and site and already is about to give up? No iam not gonna give up on my blog. I’m just thinking of moving my blog to a swedish platform where I can create designs and make the blog more personal. To make it more fun. I mean, seriously, how fun does my blog look like right now? So boring. Remember when I asked you guys why I can’t change the theme to a theme that I’ve downloaded? Well, I didn’t know that I had to be a premium memeber on WP to get that feature. To be able to do that. My bestfriend told me that just a minute ago. And when I read the text from her, I felt like I was bloging on wordpress for no reason. I mean, you can’t create and make your blog personal? You must use the free themes that wordpress has uploaded on their page? Ah, no fun! SOO I’m thinking and thinking and wondering, and wondering and wow. My head is about to turn around 365 degrees. Lol! I will let you guys know IF i move and if WHEN. But I’m slightly concidering moving my blog. And I hope that you guys decide to follow my blog there. But like I said, I’m not sure yet.

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