Fabulous naildesigns for you – The lines

I usually lie in bed, just before I go to sleep and look around on different pages. And sometimes I find things that I feel I need to blog about. Here’s a design for your nails if you‘re hungry for something new! I like to look at different designs and patterns on nails but I’ve never been a real fan of nail polish. Usually when I paint my nails so slitar I remove the nail polish after some hour so then there is no point for me to even think about learning how to paint. But watching is always fun!

You need 4 colors of nail polish, dental floss holder and a piece of wax paper.
Do this:
1) Paint the nail with a color you prefer.
2) Apply a generous drop of nail polish on a piece of wax paper.
3) Dab wire in nail polish and / swinging / pulling of the nail to create lines.
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 with a different color.
5) Apply a topcoat.

Good luck and i hope you enjoy the results :)

Makeup Shaming..

I just gotta share this with you guys! As you all know, i am a make up – o -holic. Yes. I am addicted to Makeup. I can’t go anywhere without putting a little foundation, powder and a little eyeliner on. My best friend shared this videoclip on her facebook and I watched it ofcourse. The makeup artist / Beauty Vlogger Nikkie who has close to a 1,2 million subscribers on youtube, is tired of this so called “makeup shaming” and has now uploaded a video on her youtube channel named “The power of MAKEUP”. In the clip, she has recorded herself doing a half face make up – meaning, keeping half face natural and half face glammed. Yes, make up on the half face. Brilliant! But scary! Anyway, she shares her opinions and her skills on the makeup. In the clip Nikkie tells that people dont think that it is her when she shows her un-glammed face compared to how she looks like on photos with makeup on. In the meaning of the video is to show how much you can do by using makeup and how fun it is to put it on, which is the whole point! I think so :)

Makeup Shaming is a idiotic way to say about women who use makeup to impress anyone, for women who are insecure about them self or aren’t natural beautiful. This makes Nikkie to react. Makeup is about having fun and have the currage to try, not to impress the men or hide the insecureness.

Watch this video and tell me what you guys think. I give this lady a five star out of five. She’s amazing and she is really gorgeous. And I think that its a great way to respond to the haters out there who says that women use too much make up. I use makeup to feel pretty. Without my makeup I feel naked. I know how weird it sounds but that’s the easiest way to explain how I feel. But don’t get me wrong, I can go outside without having any makeup on :)