Becoming more personal

I thought its about time that my blog becomes more me. So trying to find my personal style mixed with dreams, hope and a fabulous stuff in my blog sounds good in my head. And hopefully you guys agree with me. So I will update A LOT via my mobile with photos I’ve taken, photos I’ve saved on my phone etc. I hope that you guys understand what I’m writing here. My head is a little bit slow because I have high fever.

So from now on my blog will all about diys, hot topics that are close to my heart and some random stuff – which I also post on my Facebook page such as what my cravings are, what I’m doing. Just a lifestyle blog with a mix of fabulous things :)

Like this post if it sounds good and comment if you want me to post something. I would be happy to share your post ❤

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤

My official Facebook page

I’ve created a page where I can chat with all of you, people who wanna chat with me etc. Apparently iam a member of many pages, pages I’ve never heard off (people fake being me) so I decided to create a official page for Emma Eriica J. And I will be updating it often and more than my personal page :) Please Like my page, would mean so much to me <3

omslagsbild till ddddddddddddddddby emmaj