Becoming more personal

I thought its about time that my blog becomes more me. So trying to find my personal style mixed with dreams, hope and a fabulous stuff in my blog sounds good in my head. And hopefully you guys agree with me. So I will update A LOT via my mobile with photos I’ve taken, photos I’ve saved on my phone etc. I hope that you guys understand what I’m writing here. My head is a little bit slow because I have high fever.

So from now on my blog will all about diys, hot topics that are close to my heart and some random stuff – which I also post on my Facebook page such as what my cravings are, what I’m doing. Just a lifestyle blog with a mix of fabulous things :)

Like this post if it sounds good and comment if you want me to post something. I would be happy to share your post ❤

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤

What do you want?

Okey, so my blog hasn’t been open for a long time. But I’ve gained 50 amazing followers on my blog and iam grateful for that. Thank you! Ever now and then I will take time to make a post and ask you guys what you wanna read? Last time I did that, people answered with amazing stuff. But now I wanna expand my blog, what do you mean you might ask. Well I wanna involve you guys. I wanna know what you guys wanna read. Maybe tutorials, makeup, gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or parents, you name it. Post a comment on this post and let me know. Take a few minutes and write down everything :)

I don’t have something we say in Sweden ‘Bloggtorka’ translation; blogdry. I just wanna know what you guys wanna read. :)


Get to know #2

1. Im allergic to blackcurrant
2. I smoke (yes its bad I know. Im trying to quit)
3. I have never been outside Sweden but I’ve been to all the places in Sweden
4. Iam a huge bag-o-holic. I swear I have around 200 bags.
5. Bugs are disgusting for me.
6. I hate feets! So I will not post anything about feets in my blog.
7. I wish I could live in Greece
8. I’m raised with a family who works on carnivals and tivoli. ( attractions etc)
9. I dislike candles that smells, it give me huge headache
10. My eyes changes colors every 5-10 minutes.


BUUUURRRRR!! So cold outside. April 30th, in Sweden we have a tradition called “Maj Brasa” (English translation; May Bonfire) and as a new tradition for me, I go there with my camera and take photos. This year, my wonderful sister came home from Norway (she lives there but have taken a short vacation from her work to come here) TODAY so she, my other big sister, my nieces and my nephew came down and watched it with me. It was so boring but I only went there to take photos. I just came home so the the photos I’ve taken with my camera is still on the memory card BUT I have 3 photos from the bonfire that I will show u down below. Taken with my cellphone.