Why are I sticking my tongue out?

hey every one! how are you today? I wanna say thank you for everyone who follows my blog and all the likes that is given to me, comments and blog posts stars. Thank you so much!! I really appreciates it ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I looked through my blog and I think it is a little bit boring. Hm. I have a new design but it’s the blog posts. What would you like to read or see? Comment this post with stuff you wanna see.

The headline: I was going through my photos I’ve on my phone and I realized that I am sticking out my tongue on maybe.. 75 % off them. Why am I doing that? Haha! Funny! I found this on my phone ↓


this photo was taken before I dyed my hair to black and brown.


Family day

Worse part of the day was seeing my father cry. He was not sad.. He was happy. It was tears of joy. My father is gonna be a grandpa again. But with my sister’s first born. I video recorded as I wrote earlier, when my sister told him the big news. Im not allowed to upload the video but I took a screenshot from the clip. My father ❤

// Family day alá J, S & B ( 2 of my sisters has the same surname/last name as I do. And two of my siblings has an other and the last sister has the same as my dad. Complicated? Oh yes. But I will explain that later :)

We went to the city to just tell my father the great news. But before that we went to IKEA and had dinner. Oh I love their food. Lol. The food on the pic looks like a lot but the truth is that I only could fit like.. Half of it. Lol. After we have eaten we went to the mall and I didn’t shop anything. I was not in the mood, I felt bad already then/than. But my sisters shopped. Fun! And later we went to pick up my father (that’s when my sis told him the news) and went to my older sister and told her the news. :)

When we came home, I went straight to bed and now iam sick. Lol yay! But I will try to post more than I have yesterday and today. Thank you xo