Yesterday I bought Snapple for the very first time. I don’t know what flavours you guys have but we had Lemon, Mango and Kiwi/Strawberry. I bought the Lemon Snapple because I love sour candy and drinks. And I gotta say, as much as I like sour stuff, I really didn’t like this one. It had a funny and horrible taste. Next time I’ll try the other two. Even tho I don’t like the content I still have the cute bottle!

IMG_9298 IMG_9304

Get to know #2

1. Im allergic to blackcurrant
2. I smoke (yes its bad I know. Im trying to quit)
3. I have never been outside Sweden but I’ve been to all the places in Sweden
4. Iam a huge bag-o-holic. I swear I have around 200 bags.
5. Bugs are disgusting for me.
6. I hate feets! So I will not post anything about feets in my blog.
7. I wish I could live in Greece
8. I’m raised with a family who works on carnivals and tivoli. ( attractions etc)
9. I dislike candles that smells, it give me huge headache
10. My eyes changes colors every 5-10 minutes.