A tradition in Sweden

A tradition in Sweden when the school is out, well it is a tradition where I live, is to go to church and sing out loud some summer songs that for two months before have practiced in school. All my family has done it, except my brother and one of my big sisters. But me, my sisters M,A and C have done it. But after year 6 in school we do not do this. It’s from 6 years up to 6 grade. Everyone dresses up fancy, almost like they are going to prom (the parents) and the kids have beautiful clothings and look so cute!


the light in the church was horrible! I hate it! I prefer shadow “light” but with these big windows and the sun’s light coming thru the windows makes me crazy! Some kids looks like they are “glowing” and some other kids looks like they are in the dark. i hate it. I wanna have an even light you know. But oh well. I tried my best. Note, The objective I used when I took photos is the obejctive I hate. Yes a lot of hate in this post, but I hate it. I was to far away to use my Canon 50mm so I used a tamron 70-200mm.

2015-skolavslutningOn picture 1 (top left) is my youngest niece. Picture 2 (top right) is my niece O’s friend Maja. Picture 3 is my nephew. He had like his aunt half colored hair. But instead of half dark brown and half brown, he had half neon green and half neon pink. Haha! Picture will be under this text. Picture 4 is a photo I took of my niece O and her best friend Maja. O is to the left with the dark dress and polka dots and Maja is to the right with the white dress. The last photo, the big one, is Kajsa. My “little sister”. She and I are born on the same day BUT I turned 18 when I got the textmessage from the mother saying “I did it! I gave birth to your little sister on your birthday! Happy Birthday <3” Yes I remember the textmessage. I cried so much of joy. The mother and I considered us self as sisters but we grew apart from each other but I’m very tight with Kajsa :)


Get to know #4

1. I’ve started to watch the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
2. I’ve thought my rabbit to run across the livingroom to its cage. All I need to say to him is “Go home” and when he is outside hes cage, all I need to say “Jump up” and “down” :)
3. One of my dreams is to be a fashion / shoes designer.
4. I make jewelry
5. An old lady came up to me when I was in the city and said that I looked like a white woman with liquorice hair. All i needed is white stripes and I had her fav. candy (Mint liquorice). Made my day! :)
6. I don’t like my hair colors. I don’t feel like it “fits” me you know.
7. I got an A+ in english A and an A in english B. in school and still my best friend complains about my spelling and grammar… Thanks..
9. I hate liquorice candy
10. I’m scared of bees, bumble bees and wasps (spelling?)

My new hair colors.

new hairs

As you might have read earlier I dyed my hair last night. TWO Colors. Not one but two! So crazy of me! Like the photo says, one side is black and one side is dark chocolate brown. But to be honest, I don’t feel good about it. Don’t misunderstand me, they colors are great! They are but I feel.. so weird and it doesn’t fit me as I thought it would. I’m gonna dye my hair all black but not now, or I will just leave it and get my original hair color again. We’ll see. But here is the picture I promised you guys :)

Comment and let me know what you think, would you ever do this ? :)

Booty Bouffant

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THE 50’s. The clothes, the hair, the makeup, the culture, the cars.. Oh everything! And having a father who loves that era, having his own Cadillac . Doesn’t help. Haha! If the style wasn’t so taboo here in Sweden (Well, it isn’t but if you go dressed like a 50’s girl, they will look and laugh at you), I would totally rock the style. Wait.. I WILL! :D so awesome! My mother are gonna teach me how to sew. Yes iam soon 25 years old and don’t know how to sew. Well, there is time for everything right? ;)