Marabou Oreo


I’m not sure that you guys have this candy in your country but here in Sweden we have a new flavour of chocolate bar with the taste of Oreo. I tried this for the first time today and I gotta say .. Ew. Haha! I didn’t like it. I’ve never eaten Oreo cookies before and yesterday night, my niece slept over at my place and she bought this chocolate bar (not this one on the pic but her own) and she said that it’s really good and I did not feel so good last night so I did not taste a bite from her. But today I bought one of my own. And I tried it and I didn’t like it.

Note; I use google translator to help me translate the text so I apologize if the spelling or grammer aren’t good.

The points I’ll give this will be;
// 5


My new hair colors.

new hairs

As you might have read earlier I dyed my hair last night. TWO Colors. Not one but two! So crazy of me! Like the photo says, one side is black and one side is dark chocolate brown. But to be honest, I don’t feel good about it. Don’t misunderstand me, they colors are great! They are but I feel.. so weird and it doesn’t fit me as I thought it would. I’m gonna dye my hair all black but not now, or I will just leave it and get my original hair color again. We’ll see. But here is the picture I promised you guys :)

Comment and let me know what you think, would you ever do this ? :)