Adventure deluxe

Hey guys! Ok so lately I have been trying to over come some of my fears (bridges, horses, clowns, bugs and buses) but it doesn’t work so good for me. Last Saturday (almost a week ago) I was at a car sound competition and show. My brother is a former champion in that in Sweden. Anyway, so I went on the show with he’s wife and my sister. And we drove over a bridge.. Wow.. Didn’t work so good. Tears fell and I had the world biggest panic attack.. I think I should call it. But I don’t know
Anyway. And for three days I have been into the city and the only way for me to go there is by taking the bus. So I can now proudly say that I’m slowly working on that fear. Someone said “you must face the fear with the eyes”. My mom always quoted that when I was scared off things. In the beginning I was super scared. I got all types of accidents that could happen in my head popping up while going on the bus. But really, what for? Why be scared of something that can make you grow? Fear is just something that we people have in our heads that keeps us from having a life. I can now say that I can check one fear off from the list.. Soon. Next thing for me is trains. Yes tomorrow I’m going to a city with my cousin, home to her place and pick up some things. So this will be very… Interesting. Wish me luck!

Do you have any fears? What are you scared off? Tell me, I won’t publish your comments if you don’t want to. Let me know :)

-// Emma • posted via mobile • WordPress App ❤


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