Ok, let’s get down to business!

One thing that really pisses me off is facebook users. Not all off them. On my facebook “newsfeed” there is a clip that is shared so many times and every time I see someone who has shared it, makes me really mad. I’m a fluffy human being and seeing videoclips with big people when they do something so they fall on the ground, try waterslides or anything, people tend to add some tsunami clips after and people running and screaming or some kid who laughs or animals etc laughing pisses me off! SO BAD! Sure my blog is about fun and good stuff but I really need to write this. I HATE BULLYING!

The video clip who people are sharing so many times on my “newsfeed” is a big guy try out a home made waterslide and after that clip is done, you see a town and big tsunami coming and people are screaming and runs. It hurts my feelings. It hurts me to see how much crap the big people has to go thru on the internet. I wish people around the world could stop with this bullying. It is bullying when someone shares it over and over again and laughs.

I’m Sorry but i had to write this to lift this from my shoulders. I can’t just ignore it. Feel free to have a discussion on this post. I will talk too.


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