4.30㏂ and iam still awake?? Why? Sorry for so many weird blog posts. I promise I’ll be better with real posts and readable stuff. But atleast am keeping the blog alive. Normally if I was blogging on a swedish site, my blog would have been dead by now. Yes I mean like… No updates etc. But I hope that this blog won’t “die”. 😄

What happens today? Well.. First am going to the doctors because my sister is having a mini surgery to remove some stuff from her skin and I might (if am lucky, I will too. I have this one disgusting thing on my arm. I’ve had it since I was around 14/16. I don’t remember exactly.), help a friend move into her new apartment.. NEXT TO ME!, well.. My mum but.. Still. Haha!, and then nothing more. Hm. It sounded like a busy day in my head but really, after writing it here – its not that busy at all. How weird. Lol. Well I think my mind is playing tricks with me. Haha!

I’m off to bed Sunshine’s. Have a great day/evening/night. Muwah! xoxo
Yes I call you sunshine because its cute and I like calling people that :)


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