Eurovision Song Contest 2015

A tradition in Sweden is to sit down with your friends and family and watch the biggest song contest in Europe – Eurovision Song Contest. This year, I was a bit disappointed about the songs and their performance. Sure they did a great job and an amazing work to keep the feelings in the right place BUT the songs was so boring. But with over 300 points, Sweden won this year. Congrats Måns! I’m glad that my home country will represent Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Congratulations Måns!


10 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest 2015

  1. I thought there were quite a few good songs this year. Italy, Romania, Belgium, and I loved Sweden. Still, I was a bit disappointed that everyone took it so seriously. No funny acts like the Russian grannies or a puppet…or Jedward. :D

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    • Lol true but come on, Jedward.. Yummies! Haha. For me it was so boring. I thought it would be more like.. Pop and speed in the songs you know but really it was soooo slow songs. I liked Serbia’s song. I think it was.. With the big beautiful girl :)

      Would have been fun if Lordi was preforming! Haha !! xoxo

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      • True, and actually, sending Jedward was probably the best move Ireland could have made. The best we’ve done in a while! True, I liked a few of the slow songs, mostly Cyprus, that was a sweet song, but yes, there were a lot of slow songs. I was a bit bored of them by the end. Need more Lordi in the mix. Lordi and Jedward! Haha

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      • Here’s hoping!
        We do. There’s usually a contest on one of the Friday night chat shows a few months before with five songs to chose from. They’re usually all pretty similar songs though. A big ballad, someone playing a piano, an average up beat song that sound like something already on the radio, a song that tries really hard to be Irish…the usual. How does Sweden pick their songs?

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      • Oh! We have one show to watch and call and vote or text and they say like 3 people of them who preformed goes straight to the finale, and some to second chance etc so its like.. Multiple shows to call and vote before Sweden decide which person to send.. They all sound the same and the song with speed you now, never gets picked anymore. Its like “We send the cheesiest love song to represent Sweden” etc. Like.. Its fun to watch to see who are trying it you know but at the end you gets disappointed.

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      • Ya, every year you hope for something different and strong and every year it’s ‘oh, what kind of song are we sending?’ ‘a dramatic love song’. Well, that’s method definitely hasn’t worked for Ireland for the last 20 years XD

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