Bed time!

Hey everyone! Wow it was a while ago since I said that. Sorry about that. So.. HELLO!!

It’s almost 3 am here in Sweden. I know it’s crazy that am still up. Well I’ve had too much sugar and sleep today so I can’t fall asleep. How crazy! My to do list for today is to do laundry (it’s Sunday, which means laundry day!), clean and color my hair. Wait.. Dye my hair. I haven’t done that for TWO years. Wow. Two crazy long years! I was a so called “Dye-o-holic”. I don’t lie! I honestly use to dye my hair twice per month because I hate my natural hair color. But after realizing (?) that my hair needed a break, I stopped. It was so hard. For me it was like going to rehab. I had the desire to color my hair all days long! So crazy how it can be so addictive. So tomorrow its time. My natural hair color is kinda…rat..ish colors. Yes we call it that in Sweden. Its like… Dark blonde mixed with little grey. Lol it’s looks HORRIBLE! So tomorrow.. Well today.. I’m going half black and half brown. Woop! I can’t wait! I normally have neon/super bright red but this time am going all natural..sorta.. Haha! Iam so excited! I think it will look horrible but hey, am unique and horrible doesn’t exist in my world. Well.. At least when it comes to hair and beauty. :)


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